Good 'n Plenty Original Art Print

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Good 'n Plenty Original Art Print

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Digital prints based on an original acrylic painting by Anka of AGblend13. Each print measures 8x10 inches and will ship in a clear sleeve in a rigid cardboard mailer.

Good 'n Plenty is on the ride of their life through a narrow alley in a bustling city on the Maine coast known as the "Maine Mediterranean." A disgruntled Goose has jumped out of the way just in time, while a Red Squirrel looks out from their upstairs window to see what all the ruckus is about. A Frog enjoying a mug of Swee-touch-nee tea isn't bothered for a second by the maniacal black cat on a fuchsia scooter... that's just none of their business. The colorful buildings have a lovely patina, beautified by planters along shallow steps decorated with mosaic risers. Now get out of our alley you pest!

Paper has a semi gloss finish visible from certain angles.

Please remember colors on your screen may not match the art in person.

This work is based on Anka's original character Pesky LeScoot, a fun loving, scooter riding, trouble causing gang of cats. Is Pesky the brand of scooter? A group name? An individual name they all share? Who knows, Pesky isn't telling.


Prints are not signed or numbered.

Ships directly from me at Art Base Alpha with a hand written thank-you note. Gift message included on request!

You may request an order cancellation within 24 hours of purchase.

No refunds or exchanges, though please contact me if there are any problems with your order.

Please click on photos to fully view the art!

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I want this!

Original Art Print

Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper
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